The Solar Eclipse As Captured By Photographer Jasman Mander

The Great American Eclipse is the first full Eclipse to be visible across the entire United States since June 8, 1918. Millions of Americans have gathered all over the USA to watch this historical event & thousands have attempted to capture it on camera. From all the eclipse images we came across, we couldn’t help but pause in front of this stunning time-lapse photo by photographer Jasman Mander.

Mander took the shot from the Detroit Lake Mountain, where it was blocked by smoke from the wildfires, but as the eclipse came into totality, the air became colder and the smoke dropped a little, revealing the mountain for the 2 minutes of totality – Mander Said.

Eclipse, Jasman Mandar
Eclipse, by Photographer Jasman Mandar


This Russian Photographer Travels The World To Shoot Girls In Dresses Against The Most Amazing Backgrounds

Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva has stunned everyone with her out of this world photos of girls wearing dresses in different beautiful locations around the world.

Here we’re sharing with you some of her mind blowing & inspiring work.

For more of her work please visit her Instagram account: hobopeeba

#1 Cathedral Mosque in St. Petersburg, Russia

#2 Cappadocia, Turkey

#3 Opera De Paris, Palais Garnier, Paris, France

#4 Tour Eiffel, Paris, France

#5 Valensole, Provence, France

#6 Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia

#7 Louvre, Paris, France

#8 Cappadocia, Turkey

#9 Cappadocia, Turkey

#10 Petit Palais, Paris, France

#11 Moscow Firework Festival, Russia

#12 Poppies Field, Crimea

#13 Cappadocia, Turkey

#14 Finolhu, Maldives

#15 Poppies And Delphinium Field, Crimea

#16 Cappadocia, Turkey

#17 Finolhu, Maldives

We really hope that one day we’ll discover an Arab photographer that could just wow us! if you know of any photographer that you believe is brilliant, please share with us a link for his work in the comment section below.

Best Photography Destinations in Egypt According To Egyptian Photographers

Hello Photographers, we’re working on something amazing & need your support! Please help us identify the top 10 photography destinations in Egypt by simply selecting your favorite destination from the below.

Photo Credit: Rami Ibrahim

How to “Post A Job” on

Finding the right photographer or videographer for your project could sometimes be a time consuming process. Contacting photographers individually is perfectly fine if you’re certain that you want this specific photographer to work on your brief & you have enough time for receiving quotes, negotiations and flexible with your budget & shooting dates based on the photographer’s rate card & schedule.

Having said that, more often than not clients are tight on time, have a specific shooting date on mind & a round budget allocated for their project. And that’s exactly the reason behind introducing the “Post A Job” feature on!

Posting a job on will help you find & book the right photographer or videographer for your brief in a speedy hassle free process enabling you to reach a high number of photographers interested in your project in just few seconds!

Clients who have used our “Post A Job” feature usually hired their photographers in a time range between 2 to 4 hours from the second they posted their job till finalizing the deal with the photographer of their choice!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to “Post A Job” on

It’s that simple!

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Handling an unhappy client!


As photographers we often deal with unhappy clients. Sometimes we can really understand the issue with our final outcome and where the client is coming from. But rather often than not we really can’t see anything wrong with our images which makes it really difficult for us to deal with the clients’ feedback! We could get angry and argue with the client over our point of view, however this will lead nowhere. An unhappy client is an unhappy client, so we better suck it up and handle this conflict in a professional mature & effective way.

Here are 6 steps that will help you deal professionally and effectively with unhappy clients and hopefully will turn them into happy lovey-dovey clients recommending you to all their friends and acquaintances 😉 

#1 Be calm.

Never respond to an unhappy client when you’re angry. Take your time to calm down, analyze the situation, try coming up with solutions to fix the issue and then respond to your client in a professional way suggesting solutions for your way forward.

#2 Talk to them.

A simple phone call could save you a hell lot of unproductive back & forth emails blaming each other. Pick up the phone, talk to them and try to contain them.

#3 Tell them you understand.

Admitting that you understand their situation doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’ve done something wrong! just let them know that you understand why they’re angry because they had different expectations, clear the air for a constructive calm discussion that will lead to a solution making you both happy.

#4 How can you help?

Now that you’ve discussed the issue with your client and understand where the problem is coming from, ask them how you could help fix it. Be understanding and supportive to your client and they will really appreciate you and even could let go of some of their comments to be flexible with you as well.

#5 Do your best to fix it.

Take your client’s comments seriously and really try hard to accommodate them as much as you can even if that means you will have to get out of your way a little bit for them. Remember clients don’t pay you to add images that you love to your portfolio, they pay you for them to be satisfied with the work even if it’s not that much to your liking.

#6 Don’t leave them until they thank you!

Once you’ve fixed the issue have a final phone call or meeting with your client making sure that everything is OK with them and that they’re now happy with the outcome. We guarantee that if you did that you will gain a new loyal client that will market you whenever they get the opportunity to do so and they will end up thanking you for all your efforts 🙂

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